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The BJTC Journal of Projects Feature

Do you want to be able to keep track of your past jobs?

BJTC Journals are a great way for jewellery makers, artists and crafters to keep track of their work. You can create entries from previous jobs or commissions that you've done and make notes about how you made it, what materials you used, how long it took, what went wrong in making it and what you'd do differently (if anything!). 

You can add images of the job and you can use it as a quotation tool to make a searchable record of your costings and then email the customer a price directly from the journal. 

Best of all, it's free for subscribing GoJD, BJA and BPA members! Create your shop account today!

We know that keeping track of your work is important - whether its for future reference or just so that other people don't forget about them. With our journals feature we hope that we're helping artists like yourself stay organised with your records so they'll never have to worry about forgetting those past projects again.

BJTC Journal of Projects is a beautiful way to keep track of your projects. From the moment you start the project, to when it's completed and delivered, this journal will help you organize all the information about what you've done in one place! 


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